Our Experts

The outcome of a court case can depend on the quality of the expert witnesses and the prepared report. Therefore, you need a reputable psychiatric expert witness service like Nationwide Experts. Our experts panel has psychiatrists covering the whole spectrum of psychiatric sub specialties.

Psychiatrist expert witnesses on our panel have had extensive training and diverse experience in preparation of court reports. Our psychiatric expert witnesses always:

  • Perform thorough and detailed assessment
  • Stay within the confines of their area of expertise
  • Formulate a clear, credible and defensible opinion
  • Use an effective methodology that will stand up to legal scrutiny
  • Excel at both written and oral evidence
  • Understand the various ethical requirements applicable to expert witnesses

The reports produced by our experts are detailed and comprehensive and have internal consistency derived well formulated opinions. We only offer the most appropriate expert witness based on your case needs. We will provide you an expert witness who is a credible, competent and a well trained psychiatrist.

Our expert panel consists of:

  • Forensic Psychiatrists
  • Child & Adolescent Psychiatrists
  • General Adult Psychiatrists
  • Addiction Psychiatrists
  • Intellectual Disability Psychiatrists
  • Old age psychiatrists
  • Neuropsychiatrists
  • Psychiatrists with expertise in Autism and ADHD.
  • Psychiatrists with experience in Brain injury.
  • Some of our experts are duly trained for example both forensic and child psychiatry

We offer only the best of the psychiatric experts.

All our experts are:

Consultants Psychiatrists

All our psychiatric experts are Consultant Psychiatrists.

Members of the Royal College of Psychiatrists MRCPsych

All our experts are Members of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. The Royal College of Psychiatrists is the professional body responsible for education and training in psychiatry. To be a member, all psychiatrists have to pass highly stringent MRCPsych (both theory and practical examinations). To retain membership, members have to show evidence of yearly appraisals and CPD - Continuous Professional Development.

Section 12 of the Mental Health Act 1983(2007) approved

All psychiatric medico legal reports require the Psychiatric expert to be approved under Section 12 of the Mental Health Act. Section 12 approval is granted by the secretary of the state to psychiatric doctors who have received special training the treatment of mental illness and also have attended special training in the use of the mental health act. All our experts are not only Section 12 approved but are also Approved Clinician.

On GMC Specialist register

All our experts have undertaken higher specialist training and have gained Certificate of Completion of Specialist training CCST / CCT in their respective psychiatric sub-speciality. It is only after the higher training that psychiatric doctors are included on the GMC register and are appointed as Consultant Psychiatrists.

Highly experienced

All our experts have extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions. As such they apply their experience for the benefit of the client being assessed and it reflects in the report prepared.

Expertise in report preparations

Preparing medico-legal report is a special skill. In many respects it differs from clinic letters. Our experts have gained these skills by virtue of their training, courses that they have attended and also by having prepared numerous reports first under supervision and then independently.

Excellent communication skills

Excellent communication skills are a requisite for a comprehensive and accurate assessment of psychiatric conditions and is equally important for preparing high quality reports. Oral evidence at the Courts is also an example of exercising communication skills in delivering the psychiatric knowledge and aspects of the case in a way which is suitable and acceptable to the courts.

Our experts have excellent communication skills and have undergone extensive training in providing both written and oral evidence. Some of our experts are bi / multi lingual and are proficient in English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and Bengali. Some of our experts also have cross cultural expertise and knowledge.