Our Advantages

Nationwide Experts offer the following advantages


Experts on our panel have received rigorous higher specialist training, as certified by General Medical Council UK. All our experts are Members of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and are approved under S12 of the Mental Health Act 2007. Our experts are committed to the highest professional standards. Our rigorous quality checks ensure that all reports are of the highest standard. The reports prepared by our experts are always comprehensive, accurate and have internal consistency. All reports are proof read to avoid any typographical and grammatical errors.

Nationwide Experts is unique in providing peer group support for highly complex cases and this comes as no extra cost to the instructors. This feature is part of our industry leading rigorous quality control.


Our experts cover the whole range of psychiatric sub specialisms. Our experts have special expertise in report preparation. Our rigorous quality checks ensure that all reports are of the highest standard.


Our experts have years of experience in preparing psychiatric reports. They are experienced in delivering oral evidence at the Courts and tribunals. The experts have been through specific training and are committed to CPD as a psychiatrist and also as expert witness. We only provide experts who have the highest level of professional competence.


We offer highest quality of professionalism and customer care. We strive for excellent client experience. We also save the instructors time and money by providing competitive quotes and reasonable timescales. Our case managers maintain high level of liaison with the instructors and ensure that the reports are delivered on time. Our experts are able to meet even the most demanding deadlines.


Nationwide Experts help achieve effectiveness in the preparation and delivery of expert psychiatric reports. This is in terms of cost and time effectiveness and the overall experience of dealing with a professional service.

We offer only independent, reputable and top quality expert witnesses.